Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if I cannot find my moulding profile in your catalog or on your website?
Our catalog represents a fraction of our total mold inventory. We are adding new profiles daily. Fax us a tracing of the profile you need to match along with the name of the moulding manufacturer. If you are looking for something not currently in our mold inventory, we will be happy to manufacture a custom mold. All that we require is two high quality seven foot pieces that match each other. Tooling charges (if required) vary depending on the size of the moulding and the profile. Please contact our office for details.

Q: Will the flexible moulding match my profile?
We have an extensive mold inventory (over 50,000 profiles/variations) and can match many different profiles. One of the key issues to consider (in trying to match a profile exactly) is that we have found that the dimensions of the wood moulding can vary slightly (for the same profile) from supplier-to-supplier and from mill-to-mill. Therefore, in order to insure the best match, please provide information as to which company supplied the wood moulding that you are trying to match, the type of wood that it is, and whether it is MDF, finger joint, or clear. In the case of any uncertainty, you can always fax our office a tracing of the profile along with the dimensions in order for us to ensure that the moulding matches exactly.

Q: Will a straight piece of flexible moulding work for my application?
Please see "Ordering Tips" section.

Q: How do I place an order?
Orders can be placed via phone (800) 861.0734, fax (800) 861.0737, or email Our order forms are available for convenience but are not required. If you have never placed an order with us in the past, we will need a completed “Credit Application” in order to set up your company properly in our system.

Q: Do you have an order minimum?
No, we will accommodate any order size from one piece to hundreds of pieces.

Q: What are your lead times?
Stock orders ship within one day and custom orders generally take one week or less to complete.

Q: Can this product be used for interior and/or exterior applications?
Yes, this product is stable and will not absorb moisture. It is not affected by heat or cold.

Q: Do I need special tools for installation?
Conventional woodworking tools can be used with this material. Always install moulding in a relaxed position. Use construction or panel adhesive continuously on the backside and nails to secure moulding in place until adhesive bonds. Remember – do not use staples to fasten material, keep nails to a minimum (no closer than 6 inches between nails), and do not nail closer than 3/8 inch from edge of moulding.

Q: Can it be painted and/or stained?
All of our material is paint grade and most profiles have grain and can be stained. Call our customer service representatives to verify compatibility of staining. The use of a gel stain is required when staining flexible moulding.

Q: What is the difference between polyurethane flexible moulding and polyester flexible moulding?
Our product is a polyurethane composite material that is a high quality, durable, flexible product that is not negatively affected by temperature and does not shrink in the manufacturing process. This ensures perfectly matched mouldings every time. Polyester flexible moulding is made of less expensive raw materials and suffers from shrinkage during the manufacturing process. It is also very brittle and is known to break apart in colder temperatures.
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