About Carter Millwork Flexible Moulding

Founded in 1996, Carter Millwork has grown rapidly from a small two-person operation to one of the largest flexible moulding manufacturers in the country. Historically, our market area has covered the southeastern U.S., but we now serve hundreds of satisfied customers from Florida to New York and from the Carolinas to Texas. As a second-generation family owned business, we have a very “hands on” management team, with a conservative operating style. We carefully manage our growth and believe the worst mistake a company can make is to promise something to a customer (new or old) and be unable honor that commitment. Therefore, our goal is simple: we do not want to be the "biggest" flexible moulding supplier around, just simply the "best."

Our flexible moulding products have been used on a variety of projects ranging from multi-million dollar homes to historic churches. Whether you require a simple piece of flexible shoe mold or hundreds of feet of radius crown, Carter Millwork can meet your needs. When you want the best, call us. We’re here to turn your special moulding requirements into reality.

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