Polyurethane Flexible Moulding

Our flexible moulding catalog only represents a fraction of our total inventory of over 50,000 molds and profiles. Each piece of our polyurethane millwork is individually inspected to provide the highest quality control. The following features are the reasons why Carter Millwork flexible moulding is among the most desired composite moulding products in the building industry:

  • Polyurethane material is a strong, durable alternative to custom wood applications and polyester solutions
  • Accepts paint and stain just like wood
  • Flexible to accommodate almost any radius
  • Lifetime warranty for all flexible moulding products
  • Great value as a lower cost solution with excellent performance

Please download a PDF version of our catalog to view various flexible moulding profiles:

  Carter Millwork Flexible Moulding Catalog

If you are searching for a profile you do not see in our catalog
, please fax a tracing of it to our office and we are more than willing to try to match the profile—we can replicate any profile of any size. We would just need 13’ of wood (in order to make 12’ molds) to ensure that our product matches exactly to whatever wood that you are using. Using our “Made to Match” process we are able to replicate any moulding profile in flex when we are provided the appropriate samples. Years of experience and our exceptional technology allow us to reproduce even the most intricate and minimal moulding designs.

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